The relation between Education and Health

neonbrand-zFSo6bnZJTw-unsplashIt is a new blog about education that pertains to the system of knowledge and enlightenment by literacy and understanding. Education forms to be the base of civilization leading to better thinking, progressing, and understanding process.

The light of education helps to lighten the spirit of inner knowledge that awakens the conscience of an individual towards the betterment of the society. Education contributes to developing the social and economic infrastructure of the globe with the improvement and growth of the youngest population of the world. It is the most precious element that helps in developing the personality, characteristics, and attitude of an individual towards life and society.

The Trend of Basic Education in the U.S

As per the recent US news, there has been speculation that staying more in school enables the children to skip heart diseases further. It reveals the fact that more years of childhood education may yield health benefits further. It has been over a century ago that the U.S states had mandated child education in the U.S. to protect child welfare.

According to a new study it has been suggested that this policy had improved American health as well. According to the earlier facts of the U.S education, Mississippi became the last state to adopt the compulsory schooling in 1918, although the states still differ in the process that how long they require the students to attend.feliphe-schiarolli-hes6nUC1MVc-unsplash

As per the recent study of the researchers from the University of California-San Francisco and the Stanford University, it has been asserted from two national surveys after the analysis of data that more than 75000 adults were born between 1900 and 1950 which inferred that while at younger age the longer people were required to spend in school, the lower was their risk of developing the heart diseases in the later life.

Among the total crowd of studied children, around one-third did not graduate from high school and within the cohort of around 31000 participants; almost 35% of the crowd had heart disease. Since then every year due to mandatory schooling with the inclusion of high school, there was a considerable 2.5% decrease in the heart diseases i.e. in the cardiovascular condition.

jeffrey-hamilton-jrRe6er0pY0-unsplashAccording to further study during those years, there was a rough decline of 3% in the smoking habit and almost decrease of 5% in depression. As per the health reports, the leading cause of death in the U.S. states is the heart-related diseases and according to the new findings through research it suggests the addressing of the social factors like education which might be the key for the policymakers and the healthcare providers who are seeking to improve the results of the heart diseases.

Correlation between Education and Health in the U.S.

As per the facts, higher education or more education is also associated with the higher body mass index and balance in the level of cholesterol. As per researches, with higher income comes the higher income range that directly affects the results of the heart diseases with better access to health care and nutritious food. On the contrary, it can be considered that a lower education level tends to develop cardiovascular diseases due to less awareness among them. Therefore, it can be inferred that the education is inversely proportional to the heart issues in the U.S. states.

Thus to focus more in this issues, the furthers researches would reportedly focus on the mandatory schooling policies that affect the racial disparities in the healthcare costs, more specifically the heart diseases that are associated with the condition. Thus development in education is a highly important factor in the U.S that would affect the lifespan of an individual further.


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