Why Radiologic Technologist is a Lucrative Career Choice?

Yes, being a Radiologic Technologist is a lucrative and fruitful career choice. Before exploring this aspect, let us understand a brief about who is a radiologic technologist, required education, and specific accreditations. A radiologic technologist is a professional healthcare worker who works in pioneer healthcare surroundings. He/she is a specialist in performing numerous medical imaging procedures such as CT scan, MRI, and X-rays.

Besides, a rad-tech also creates a habitat for the patient in which they feel comfortable and positive. It is the job of a radiologic tech to position the patient correctly for obtaining accurate results without any damage to the patient from the radiation. And, the professional is also the one who determines the right test for a patient. Let’s explore more about why this career is becoming an increasingly preferred choice.

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Essential Radiological Technologist Skills

  • Communication Skills: A rad-tech is a new medical job, making the doctor-patient relationship a vital part of this job. A radiologic technologist should have the ability to build up soft communication with the patient, where the patient feels trusted and comfortable. It is because getting a scan could sometimes be frightening and stressful. You have first to make him supportive. Thus it is an essential skill because, as a medical technician, you will have to encounter a diverse range of patients.

  • Mechanical Aptitude: Understanding the fine-tuning of the radiology equipment and maintaining it is also a vital aspect. You must have detailed knowledge of the machines involved and should be comfortable with them. With every device having a different operating mechanism, learning and re-learning will be a crucial part.

  • Attention to Detail: The most critical part of the job needs you to learn and understand the positions for the best outcomes. Further, knowing how to adjust the radiation intensity for precaution and safety purposes is also essential. Radiation exposure and time are the key factors that will maximize the image quality at last.

GirlsAndBoysTown explains very well how you can gain the right skills for this job. And, you can also complete a course online through distance learning. Check out available courses and details at virtualmedicalcoaching.com.

Salary of a Radiological Technologist

A radiologic technologist is a lucrative job. It looks more fruitful when you consider you only need to pass a two-year associate’s degree and a certification from ARRT. The median pay of radiological technologists is at $60,510 that converts to the hourly fee of $29.09. The annual earnings for the lowest 10% were below $41,480, while the top 10% earned over $89,760 annually.

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Career Outlook:

With the number of elders growing in the population, the need for medical attention involving imaging-based diagnosis is increasing. This points to a growth of employment rate for radiological technologists, projected at 9% through 2028. Certified technologists can start a lucrative career across various industries, including the federal government, hospitals, physician’s offices, medical & diagnostic laboratories, and outpatient care centers.

People already working in this domain with an associate degree now have a golden opportunity to increase their potential by gaining a bachelor’s degree. Adding this qualification will surely increase their annual income, and they will also get a better position and status. Earning the tag of being a radiologist will get them known as the one with a specialization in radiology.


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