How to Become a Songwriter

Do you want to become a songwriter? Don’t just write but practice to become the best. To practice, you need to bend low and learn for the greats in the field. At the same time, you need to be very confident that you can write among the best melodies the world will always know.

More so, it is a business, just as it is an art. Yes, you can earn a living by writing a great hit that you can sing or sell to other artists. Take note that if you need to be the best, lyrics will not just come to mind as you write them; it’ll take total honesty, hard work, and consistent practice and learning.

Music is more powerful than most people understand, as explained in So, where do you start? Read on.

Learn Music

To have a career in music, you need to learn music from theory to practice. Besides, how else are you going to be the best without foundation knowledge? However, it is not a must to have deep expertise in music to be a songwriter.

You will still need someone who can play a guitar or piano well and your open heart to learn. Lucky for you, you can get all these and more exposure at renowned music schools like

Critique Your Favourite Songs

Drawing inspiration from other musicians is a great way to start your career, but even better would be analyzing their songs and understanding your point of interest.

While you do not have a strong foundation in songwriting yet, it would be best to find a song that talks to you and critique the chords and lyrics. When you discover why you like the specific music, it will give you an idea of how to begin your journey as a songwriter.

Start Journaling

Record your thoughts, melodies and connect with your emotions outside your body. As you journal all these, you will be increasing your emotional intelligence and awareness by knowing how you feel and exercising your muscles.

So when you read your recorded thoughts and emotions to write a song, your feelings and thoughts will flow easily to form your lyrics and melodies.

Permit Yourself

Setting a goal to write a song daily is great, but writing songs that will not hit is a waste of effort. If you don’t have mindfulness of your reason to write or know why you’re writing a particular song, it’s likely that the final result will be a failure.

Therefore, you need to permit yourself to understand that writing for the sake of it, even though you love songwriting is not all. It would be best to slow down but sure and allow yourself to take enough time as it is necessary to come up with a masterpiece.

Attend Shows

Attending live performances will get your creativity and skills up and running. Hearing other people’s music will inspire you to want yours to make hits globally. Live shows are not only musical, but even poetry shows can hone your skills in songwriting. Besides, poets can make great songwriters, so it is crucial to understand their tricks and expertise.

To summarize, if you need to take time off to spark ideas for things around you, then go ahead and don’t feel guilty.


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